seal rubber extrusions

seal rubber extrusions overview

Seal rubber extrusions refer to the rubber seal products which is extruded molding to be rubber seal profiles.

It can be classified by different types of synthetic rubber for varied functions as each kind of synthetic rubber has its own respective characteristics.We hereby introduce two most popular silicone/epdm Rubber seals in terms of synthetic rubber classification.

Silicone rubber seal and profiles features are:widest high/low temperature range;non toxic/ fungas resistance;nice insulating properties;airtight/watertight sealing;rebound resilience and flexiblity.

silicone rubber seal typical application

  • Airtight seals for aerospace/aviation;construction door window sealing
  • Silicone rubber gasket/cord/cable for electronics and electrical fittings
  • Automotive rubber seals;vehicles and traffic facilities rubber bumper
  • For medical/daily product e.g. silicone rubber tubing(catheter)

EPDM rubber seal/epdm rubber profiles basic features are:Superior weather resistance;anti corrosion;hotwater/steam resistance; anti-aging; electric insulation;nice flexibility and resilience.

epdm rubber seal typical application

  • Industrial rubber extrusion profiles especially infrastructure field e.g.rubber waterstop
  • Vehicles rubber seals e.g.automotive weatherstripping profiles,boat window seal
  • Construction rubber window gasket,rubber door seal,e.g.garage door seal
  • rubber edge trim e.g.sheet metal edge trim,rubber countertop edge trim
  • EPDM rubber tubing and hydraulic rubber hose,epdm rubber gasket

Rubber seal profiles has different cross section shapes to fit various objects and environments, for different function. Its complex shapes is achieved by extrusion molding method via a tooling (extrusion dies/moulds).

extruded rubber seals general features

  • superior resilience/flexibility,superior compression/deformation resistance
  • superior airtight sealing performance,to block wind,noise,dust out
  • weather resistance(sunlight,freezing cold,ozone,ultraviolet)
  • flexible soft to fit for various channel/gap/joint
  • anti corrosion,anti aging,durable

Well ours is a seal rubber extrusions manufacturer, since beginning plant in 1996,we engage in a full service of engineering, manufacturing,wholesale rubber extrusion profiles.We do all above rubber items.

Our company located in Qinghe,Hebei north China,nearest airport is Shijiazhuang city (business office here)or Jinan city,nearest seaport is Tianjin or Qingdao.There’re 3 branch plant,216 employees, covers a area of 28000 sq.meters in our company,with totally 12 production lines–4 lines for rubber extrusions;5 lines for pvc extrusion,3 lines for molded rubber.

Working with domestic major automotive companies for decades,solid foundation of excellent producing skill and professional customization services has been built to get most out of elastomers performance.

With advantages of In-House machine shop;large scale bulk production efficiency;Superior raw material supply;Close tolerance precision processing;ISO system implemented;Low tooling cost and favorable good price,our capability qualified us to supply most valuable product you’re looking for.

Welcome customers worldwide contact us for wholesale business.Thanks for your support!For our company and product details, please see our website


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