Rubber seals for your windows and door who have special design

Rubber seals for your windows and door who have special design

The business mainly produces all sorts of sealing strip, and the rubber strip, rubber tube, electric cabinet sealing strip, plastic steel window and door seals, curtain wall building doors and windows sealing strip, R134a automotive air-conditioning pipe, heater tube shaped rubber. With a decade experience of production of sealing strip. Company existing staff 118 people, including professional and technical personnel 20 people, senior engineer 3 people, plant area of 15000 square meters, construction area of 10000 square meters.

automotive rubber seals
Our extensive line of rubber seals and gaskets includes ribbed profiles, co-extruded pedestals with sponge rubber bulbs, triangle sections, and lid seals, among other products. If you would like for a durable seal solution, a rubber seal is a great choice. They’re flexible, drown out noise, and protect your automobile or home from water, sun, and extreme temperatures. Rubber seal application is simple – in just a few basic steps you’ll have a high-quality rubber seal set up in one of its many applications, including sound enclosures, heavy machinery, trains and viewport glass on ships and boats. The company has with all the international standards set strict demands on themselves, and also the company now has their own direct export rights, was the product of the supporting manufacturers and domestic and foreign customers, and properly matched

automotive rubber seals

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